A peculiar feeling

My mind wanders with nothing to grip,

No thoughts that stay, no ideas that stick,

 A boredom, a gloom, an absence of will,

I look in to my head to find things quite still.


A longing sensation extends in my chest

It strangles my lungs and steals my breath,

I look down in surprise as I hold myself,

Why do I feel so lost and bereft?


I dig deeper to find it is empty and bare,

A falseness, I feel, for I know something’s there.

Under my rib cage and masked by despair,

There’s a heart that is hurting, in need of some care.


I peer through the lens of my own inner eye,

I examine, I probe, I question, I pry,

“What has hurt you today? Oh why do you cry?

Why are you hurting my chest?” I try.


A shrug and a murmur and a sad little sob,

“I’m lonely” she says. “I want someone to love.

I have so much to give, I can promise you that.

But no heart that I know of will love me back.”


I hold my heart in a warm embrace,

“Oh child,” I say, “so pure and chaste,

I love you with all of my being, my soul.

That’s all that you need. Together, we’re whole.”

Published by Sophie

Interest Categories: Science, Travel, People

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