The strength in optimism



to have hope,

to believe that the good will overcome the bad in some way, shape or form.

Sometimes optimists can get a bad rep for wearing rose-tinted glasses,

and believing the best in a person or situation,

even though you get let down time and time again.

It may be seen as weakness, or ignorance, or immaturity.

But I’m proud to be an optimist.

And I believe that it’s the hope and the ability to see the silver lining that gives us strength.

We are strong enough to be hurt,

and to be sad,

and to grieve and mourn for people that we don’t even know,

animals we have never met,

battles we will never face,

wounds we will never feel,

and STILL pick ourselves up every day and see the wonder in this world.

Despite all the sadness in front of us,

we still get up in the morning and keep looking towards the future.

We still have hope for future generations and for the future of this Earth.

Being an optimist doesn’t make you weak,

for fighting fair and refusing to sink to a more hurtful level.

We don’t need to put someone else down to make ourselves feel good.

We make others feel better in order to make ourselves feel good.

Optimists are strong enough for 2 people,

we don’t suck the happiness out of someone else to fuel our own,

we give happiness and we give love and it’s in that generosity and genuine care that we feel fulfilled.

Strength lies in your ability to forgive,

to understand,

to be compassionate,

to still try and be good,

even though it’s really really hard not to feel hate, or be selfish, or be lazy.

That is strength.

That continued commitment.

Strength isn’t being nastier than someone,

being bigger and stronger,

being the one more willing to push someone until they break.

Strength isn’t who can shout the loudest,

who can win a popularity contest,

who can list more achievements.

Strength is being able to put one foot in front of the other every day,

to keep going,

to keep smiling,

to keep seeing the beauty in your life despite all the misery.

Strong people are the people who value happiness and love.

Strong people value other people.

They value other life.

They can see that all life is created equal.

And they can see that although we were all born equal,

we weren’t all bought up equal,

 and that some people have a lot of hate,

a lot of resentment and a lot of insecurities

that they need to put onto other people because it’s the only way they can take it off of themselves.

Strong people don’t have hate, so they don’t need to hate others to take a break from hating themselves.

If you’ve gained your strength from putting people down,

you have the strength of one person,

and it’s a fickle, shallow, transient strength you’ve stolen.

If you’ve gained strength from helping the people around you,

being kind, being considerate, making other people feel special and appreciated,

then you have the strength of a network of good people.

Whatever kind of person you are,

just remember that the way you feel about the people around you is more a reflection of yourself than a reflection of them.

And remember that only you are in control of your emotions,

and I for one would much rather be happy,

than seem strong.


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