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Shower thoughts

So this section will be based on whatever subject I´ve spent a lot of time thinking about recently, generally inspired by whatever media I´m consuming.

The normal journey of these thoughts start as I run them by Raquel, expecting the gasp of wonder that confirms my suspicions that I am, in fact, revolutionary and original. The story crescendos as I wait, impatiently, for her to look up from her phone, my wisdom hanging in the air, waiting to be admired. I often have to prompt her again, explaining exactly why what I just said was so insightful and clever. 

She looks up, a smile playing at her lips and love in her eyes, and I´m waiting for her to passionately agree, lauching into an intense debate about how I came to this interesting conclusion.

She asks me to repeat the question and am I hungry because she´s hungry and should we just make pasta like always?

I think about telling my friends about it then remember playfully that I don´t actually have any friends. 

No, of course I have friends, and all three of them really love my wierd text messages. 

As you can imagine this journey doesn´t have a satisfying ending.

But it will now!

With this email newsletter I get to spam all your inboxes and thus liberate the words burning inside my head, whilst accomplishing my ultimate goal of promoting the stuff I´m currently working on.   

This brings me on to the next part of my email. I decided to include this part as it is something I personally find very useful for myself, and hopefully provides a service to the reciever of these emails  It serves to broaden our online communities, fill our social media feeds with beautiful people, our ears with interesting content and eyes with wonderful words. I will be recommending podcasts, books, and people to follow and invite you to reply to this email with your own recommendations which I can then stick in the next email!    

Media Recommendations

Nothing to report in this first email, but I am compiling a list of amazing stuff and will be sharing it soon!    

And the finale and the reason we´re all here…    

Stuff I´m working on  

So this will include updates on my memoir and my poetry primarily. And also on the Etsy shop I have, any designs I do for my poems, what I´m planning in the future… that sort of thing!     

And we have reached the end. Thanks for staying with me for so long! I will probably be using a lot of the content of this email in the next one after I´ve decided what I like and don´t like, and have promoted it a bit more and have a few more people signed up!

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