Should You Move Abroad?

I think you can count a ¨move¨ as something you do with the intention of staying for a while, setting up a base, working, making connections and building a home there.

You can move with the intention of coming back to the place you left, or perhaps moving on to something else. You can move with a job and a living lined up, or you can get there with no idea what you´re doing and live on scraps until someone will hire you. You can move for something, a loved one, an adventure, a job, a fantasy, which might work out and you´ll live happily ever after, or it might not.

I´ve moved countries 11 times in my life. And I´m 26. The first time I moved was Kuwait to Bahrain when I was 1 years old, and the last time I moved was Manchester to Seville almost 2 years ago when I was 24.


Whatever happens, you´ll gain valuable experience that will help you and whatever kind of life you choose to pursue afterwards.

Depending on what you´re bringing and what you´re willing to sacrifice, you don´t have to spend much money doing it.

You don´t have to commit to anything. Being open to whatever life may throw at you and being kind to yourself, you could find that it doesn´t work out and you return home sooner than planned, and that´s okay.

It´ll challenge you, you´ll be scared and excited. Sometimes overwhelmed and sometimes underwhelmed. You´ll feel deeply worried and occasionally euphoric. You will feel. You will experience.

You will have to deal with problems you´ve never even heard of. It will open your mind and your heart. It will give you new perspectives and new ideas. It will change the way you see the world, for the better.

And it may just become the start of your happy ever after.


There are a lot of sacrifices. You sacrifice stability and connection, above all. You have to make the decision that you´re new adventure is more important than the things you´ve been working for your whole life.

You lose touch with people you care about. Your friends are busy with new friends. You talk to your family less and less. Before you know it, a year has flown by and you haven´t been able to book a flight home.

You open yourself up to risks and dangers you have no idea how to prepare for or deal with when they happen. For it´s not IF they happen, it´s WHEN.

Paperwork. Man oh man moving country, unless it´s with a company that will sort all that out for you, is bureaucracy. Google mapping your way to embassies, queueing for hours to exchange your licence, bringing every document you´ve ever owned along to the appointment to register yourself because the website was rubbish and didn´t tell you anything you actually needed to know.

You won´t have home commodities. Most of the things you loved about your home won´t follow you to your destination. The foods you loved, the conveniences you´re used to, the way you can safely predict and understand the behaviour of people around you because you know the culture in which they belong.

You may loose more than you gain.

So, where does that leave you? Do you move abroad?

Well, when reading the second list, did the disadvantages section excite you or scare you? We have to know 2 things before making that decision. What do we truly value, and what are we capable of?

Do you value new or old? Do you value adventure or stability? Do you value safety or risk?

Are you capable of withstanding multiple visa appointments, a potential trip to a foreign hospital, being away from the people you love?

I read the disadvantages list and I thought, bring it on. It´s all part of the experience and I´m excited to overcome these hurdles.

If you read it and think, ooh no I´m not sure about that, I don´t think I´d like it very much.

Well then you have your answer.

Is anyone thinking about moving abroad soon? What are your plans?

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