A poetic foray into digestion

Her stomach gurgles, her belly quivers, Her eyes dart round, her body shivers, Her blood is pumping, pupils dilating, Her brain firing signals, neurons pulsating.   “I’m hungry” she says, stomping her feet, Her hands curled in fists, her cheeks pink with heat, Her blood sugars low, her brain senses the threat, Hypoglycaemic, she’s getting … Continue reading A poetic foray into digestion

Coach Predator

You sit next to me with other seats spare, On the back of my head I feel your stare. I grit my teeth and peer out the window, The coach starts moving, grumbling, slow.   You spread out your knees, I pull away mine, You’re in my space, I pretend it’s fine, Then your elbow … Continue reading Coach Predator

A peculiar feeling

My mind wanders with nothing to grip, No thoughts that stay, no ideas that stick,  A boredom, a gloom, an absence of will, I look in to my head to find things quite still.   A longing sensation extends in my chest It strangles my lungs and steals my breath, I look down in surprise … Continue reading A peculiar feeling

A letter to a loved one

Firstly, may I just say, I love you very much, That love will never falter, a time-enduring touch Of hearts entwined together, forever it will last. Nothing could ever change that; future, present or past.   I’m sorry you’re unhappy, it breaks my fragile heart To see you in your misery, to see you fall … Continue reading A letter to a loved one

Sunday morning

Bleary eyed and fuzzy headed I wake up with a start And feel the dryness of my mouth and hear the thudding of my heart Which drowns out unfinished thoughts and the memories of last night Flashing through my weary brain, withdrawing from the light That streams in through my windows taunting me with midday … Continue reading Sunday morning

Writers Block

I’m a writer, I’m a poet, It’s a gift, they say, I know it! Helps me fine tune all the voices All the questions all the choices Running through my busy brain: Sorting crazy from the sane. Helping me to find a way When I’ve had a rubbish day.   But today the words won’t … Continue reading Writers Block

The strength in optimism

  Optimism, to have hope, to believe that the good will overcome the bad in some way, shape or form. Sometimes optimists can get a bad rep for wearing rose-tinted glasses, and believing the best in a person or situation, even though you get let down time and time again. It may be seen as … Continue reading The strength in optimism