A Poem For My Grandma

My grandma died a year ago today, and in the days after her death I wrote this poem, kind of by accident. I woke up one morning with the first few lines in my head, then spent the next 2 days bent over my notebook writing the rest. I ended up reading it out at her funeral.

A few points of information; Zap was her dog who we looked after after her death, but who also sadly passed away this year. And my grandma was an actress and a lover of classical music. She’s been greatly missed as she was a huge part of my family’s lives as she lived just up the road. May she rest in peace.


It’s funny, you know, when you think of death;

The last thing you think of is your own blood and flesh;

It happens to your friends, and to the people that you know;

You never think that you’ll know the person that will go.


Yes, okay, you have nightmares that haunt you when you wake;

But you pull yourself together and you give yourself a shake;

But this time it is not a dream, it’s very real and true;

I’m pulling, shaking, pinching, waking, it’s not working – it’s no use.


She’s gone, she’s really gone I realise, but somehow it’s not right;

We’ve all been robbed, her life was stolen on that awful night;

She wasn’t even ill or sad, there was so much left in her;

We all thought we had years to go, to enjoy her love and laughter.


So all that’s left, all that we’ve got, our collective memories;

I’d like to share mine with you now, a moment, if you please.


I’ll think of her when Zap looks at me with her big, brown, silky eyes;

Her questioning and searching gaze, waiting, wondering why;

I’ll think of her when I perform to soothe my dreadful stage fright;

She taught me strength and courage through her guidance and advice.


She loved to sit and listen to me singing with piano;

My biggest fan, so proud of me, so pleased I loved it so;

I’ll think of her when I hear ClassicFM on the radio;

She’ll live on in every note and song, in every show.


She’d want me to play and sing here, but I’m sorry grandma, I can’t;

Too personal with all these people, to reveal my broken heart;

But I promise to always think of her when I play or sing, or both;

In mind and spirit she’ll be there, listening and singing also.


Everyone here will hold a dear place for her in their heart;

Everyone will express their grief in their own way and play their part;

But for me, grandma is a song: bold, triumphant and joyful;

With rich, loving chords, a dominant melody, so beautiful and remarkable.


She was a source of love and light, of wisdom and support;

A source of laughter, logic, care and of course much more;

I’m so grateful for what she’s given me already, my dear grandma;

She’s shaped me as a person so lives on in me forever.


I won’t say goodbye to her, but goodbye for now;

I’ll see her again someday, after life, in death, somehow;

She’ll be watching over us, of that I’m completely sure;

Now I have a guardian angel to protect me evermore.


Thank you all for coming and for honouring her life;

A sister, daughter, mother, grandma, friend, girlfriend and wife;

We love her all so very much, that love will never die;

In heaven now, at peace and rest, she’s watching from the sky.


Published by Sophie

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9 thoughts on “A Poem For My Grandma

  1. Beautiful tribute to her. Losing someone can be hard but thankfully you aren’t alone. And you never will be. She would be so proud of your writing I’m sure. I love this! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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