08-02-2018 ill and abroad: a detailed account

Saturday 3rd of February

Lying in bed in a hotel room on the 4th floor of our favourite Hotel in El Coca, the Rio Napo. 

And so occurred the last in a series of bad decisions: a massive bowl of pasta for dinner. Accompanied with soy sauce (beggars can’t be choosers) and sweetcorn, this was the final nail in my coffin. 

A slight stomach ache. Did I eat too much pasta? Perhaps the Asian / Italian combo wasn’t agreeing with me. I put it out of my mind and settled in for the night. 

Stomach ache reached fever pitch. Something was not right. Fear started to creep in that I’d caught the same 24 hour bug that wiped Heather out a few days ago. It looked nasty.

Denial. Pain, nausea, diarrhoea and denial. I was so tired 4 hours previously and at this point I was more awake than ever. Surely I hadn’t caught the bug, surely not.

Toilet blocked. In my haste and pain, I forgot you’re not meant to put tissues down the toilet. Contents of toilet filled to the brim, and absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Vomit time. I ran to the loo and threw up only to have it splashed back in my face. Not ideal. Turned to the left and threw up my entire bowl of pasta into the shower. Now I’m in a pickle. 

Toilet blocked, shower blocked and the vomit wouldn’t stop. 

Messaged friends and family informing them that I had fallen victim to the stomach bug as well and would be accepting sympathy for the next couple of days.

Tripped on the way to the bathroom and fell over, threw up on the floor. Brilliant.

Earache getting worse and worse. My ear had been blocked for a few days but I had put it down to a cold and water in my ear, but the pain suggested something more sinister.

My body now almost emptied, I decided it was time to do something about the mess. In my delirium, I thought it would be a good idea to try and rinse away the vomit in the shower. Turns out chunks of pasta won’t go down a plughole. Next bright idea, move vomit from shower to bin with tissues and hands. Mediocre success. 

Parents were online on Skype. Finally, someone to care for me. Spoke to mum and dad for 45 minutes, threw up 3 times on the call, watched my cute little kitten bite the camera, and agreed to see a doctor in the morning about my ear. 

Discovered that everything that had gone down the loo in the last 6 hours was now regurgitating back up into my shower. If you stood in the shower, it would have come up above your ankles. Felt really hard done by at this point.

Vomiting and diarrhoea starting to subside, desperate nausea slowly fading away. Readying myself for some sleep. 

Hadn’t expulsed any liquids in half an hour, good sign. Earache getting really painful, bad sign.

In AGONY. Facebook messaged hotel owner asking for doctor to be sent to my room. Exhausted, empty, delirious, feverish and in excruciating pain. 

No one had replied to my messages. Feeling lonely and isolated, as well as desperately ill.

Confirmation that doctor would indeed be on his way in 20 minutes.

Doctor arrived.

Post examination, I learnt that I had a bacterial infection in my intestines, and both a fungal and bacterial infection in my right ear. Prescribed a bag of drugs including two diclofenac injections, a course of antibiotics for 12 days and antimycotics for 10 days. 

Injection administered into bottom by hotel manager in spare hotel room. (Not (too) dodgy, she used to own a pharmacy).

The next day
Ear leaking mucus and black stuff. Umm…

Present (8th of Feb, Midday, back at Station)
Little improvement. Decided to share my story in the hope that it would make a few people laugh (and count their blessings). Want to remind readers that we’re all human, and all of us shit, piss and vomit.

Thank you

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