Is Non-Binary a gender?

I´ve been mulling over what it means to be non-binary for a long time now. It all started while I binged Sofie Hagens´ and Jodie Michels´ Secret Dinosaur Cult podcast last year during Spanish quarantine which is a kind of weird but amazing podcast hosted by two non-binary queers. They talked a lot about whatContinue reading “Is Non-Binary a gender?”


Name: Sophie Victoria Manley Age: 26 Currently living: Seville, Spain Born in: Kuwait Consider to be my home: Isle of Wight, England A Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology Degree: Biomedical Sciences with Industrial Placement, University of Manchester, First Class Vocation: Writer Current job: English Teacher Been to: 31 countries Would like to: visit more Sexuality: LesbianContinue reading “Bio”

Should You Move Abroad?

I think you can count a ¨move¨ as something you do with the intention of staying for a while, setting up a base, working, making connections and building a home there. You can move with the intention of coming back to the place you left, or perhaps moving on to something else. You can moveContinue reading “Should You Move Abroad?”

Newsletter Layout

Shower thoughts So this section will be based on whatever subject I´ve spent a lot of time thinking about recently, generally inspired by whatever media I´m consuming. The normal journey of these thoughts start as I run them by Raquel, expecting the gasp of wonder that confirms my suspicions that I am, in fact, revolutionary and original. TheContinue reading “Newsletter Layout”

Three outcomes of Coronavirus

Everyone’s talking about what they’re learning through Coronavirus, about themselves, about their families, about the world. How priorities and values are changing, the worth of people in societies are changing. Like postmen and shelf-stackers weren’t valuable before? Like people didn’t know that downtime was necessary, sleep was glorious and that it’s okay to stop forContinue reading “Three outcomes of Coronavirus”

Exam Season Advice

Exam seasons are horrific aren’t they? Everyone is moody and stressed, over-eating or under-eating, anxious, unfocused and panicking. Overlay this with a sudden desire to get really good grades, a feeling that has stayed dormant throughout term, and people find themselves in a real pickle. Exam season is a bipolar roller coaster of sheer, sleep-deprived determination;Continue reading “Exam Season Advice”

A poetic foray into digestion

Her stomach gurgles, her belly quivers, Her eyes dart round, her body shivers, Her blood is pumping, pupils dilating, Her brain firing signals, neurons pulsating.   “I’m hungry” she says, stomping her feet, Her hands curled in fists, her cheeks pink with heat, Her blood sugars low, her brain senses the threat, Hypoglycaemic, she’s gettingContinue reading “A poetic foray into digestion”

A snapshot moment

I’ll set the scene: Me (purple, floaty trousers, black and green Hawaiian shirt, slightly tanned, curly hair tied back), lying in my hammock in the “porch” of our “mansion”. It is HOT today, so hot in fact that I got in the “shower” earlier fully clothed just to cool down a bit. The sun isContinue reading “A snapshot moment”