Vegan Creamy Banana Sorbet

This recipe is  easy to make, and the only ingredients are: overripe bananas coconut milk vanilla essence. Take the skins off the bananas (otherwise they will freeze on and the bananas aren't usable, I'm telling you from experience, trust) 2/3 will be fine, more if you're sharing, and chop up them up then put them … Continue reading Vegan Creamy Banana Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet – an easy squeezy recipe

This recipe is one I've seen a few times, often on little videos on Instagram (my Instagram is @sophiev_m) and you can do it with lots of different fruits; but as they were selling 3 raspberry punnets for £2 at the market today, I decided to use raspberry's and make a healthy raspberry sorbet. It was absolutely … Continue reading Raspberry Sorbet – an easy squeezy recipe