Let’s make ‘healthy’ mainstream with media

There are so so many social media presences out there who are spreading the word about nutrition, fitness, mental-welbeing and health; I think it's absolutely great that there are people campaigning and inspiring all over the world, encouraging everyone else to start conscientiously being healthier. I know there's a very large part of the population … Continue reading Let’s make ‘healthy’ mainstream with media

New Years Resolutions

Achievable Resolutions Not a 'New Year New Me', more of a 'Me with some improvements', set of resolutions. I know that if I set myself a goal which is too far away from my current lifestyle, I'll be setting myself up for failure and disappointment. So I've got a couple of resolutions which, hopefully, are … Continue reading New Years Resolutions

High-fat, Low-carb life

Next time you're deciding whether to go for full fat or low fat, go full fat. Studies have shown that while low-fat alternatives have less calories, they're actually worse for our waist line and heart in the long run due to the increased amount of sugars. Plus fat is actually pretty good for you! In this post I describe why a high-fat, low-carb diet is better for your health, my sources are scientific journals and the New Scientist ❤

Learning To Learn

It's so important nowadays to evaluate all the information you learn in the media and think about what bias it has. We're over-exposed in this world to too much information and unless you know how to sort through it all, process it correctly and learn about the dangers, it could really affect your life in a bad way. This post is about learning how to learn in today's crazy world and how important it is to be aware of all the influences you're under so you can make your own informed decisions.

Coconut Oil – and why you should be using it

  Health fad aside, coconut oil is genuinely a multi-purpose, beneficial and healthy addition to your life; be it in cooking or as a part of your beauty regime! There is an astounding amount of evidence detailing all the amazing properties coconut oil has and I urge you to click on the links below if you're … Continue reading Coconut Oil – and why you should be using it

What does Holistic actually mean?

To practice holistic health is to appreciate that the different aspects of your being are all interconnected and hold equal weights with respect to the health of the whole. As a human being we operate on different levels: spirit/emotional, mental and physical; and to nourish ourselves wholly we need to maintain equilibrium between these three things and … Continue reading What does Holistic actually mean?

Tea – a love letter

    Dear fellow tea enthusiasts, Tea is a ritual, a social etiquette, a healer, a conversation starter, an ice breaker, a pick me up, a put me down (to bed) and just super comforting. There is a tea for every occasion and I'm going to tell you some of my all time favourite flavours and … Continue reading Tea – a love letter