ChiroEurope 2017

ChiroEurope is a conference that occurs twice a year, spring and autumn, inclusively catering for Chiro’s, Chiropractic assistants, students, friends and family and anyone who’s interested in Chiropractic care. The long weekend consists of a series of speakers who aim to challenge, support, inspire, share their miracles, give advice and ultimately bring out the best … Continue reading ChiroEurope 2017


(A post written for the Mancunion - The Manchester Uni student newspaper). Definition: someone who is interested in exploring veganism and experimenting with vegetables in new ways, but not quite ready to commit. Been having some affectionate thoughts about vegetables lately? Perhaps you’ve been wondering about alternative sources of protein but you’re not quite ready … Continue reading #VEGCURIOUS ?

Vegan Creamy Banana Sorbet

This recipe is  easy to make, and the only ingredients are: overripe bananas coconut milk vanilla essence. Take the skins off the bananas (otherwise they will freeze on and the bananas aren't usable, I'm telling you from experience, trust) 2/3 will be fine, more if you're sharing, and chop up them up then put them … Continue reading Vegan Creamy Banana Sorbet

Why you should try Intermittent Fasting

An amazing tool for health, intermittent fasting is a free and easy way to hugely improve your immune system, brain function, energy levels, cravings and weight. The 16 / 8 Fast There are lots of different types of fasting, but my favourite one (and by far the easiest) is the 16 / 8 fast. This … Continue reading Why you should try Intermittent Fasting

Raspberry Sorbet – an easy squeezy recipe

This recipe is one I've seen a few times, often on little videos on Instagram (my Instagram is @sophiev_m) and you can do it with lots of different fruits; but as they were selling 3 raspberry punnets for £2 at the market today, I decided to use raspberry's and make a healthy raspberry sorbet. It was absolutely … Continue reading Raspberry Sorbet – an easy squeezy recipe