Immune – Catherine Carver

Actually, extremely, average. Would not recommend I'm afraid: it was a real struggle to finish. I was gutted that this book turned out to be not-so-good because I've been searching for a book on the Immune system that is interesting, funny, informative and fairly general. I'm studying Immunology as part of my degree and wanted … Continue reading Immune – Catherine Carver

This is your brain on Parasites – Kathleen McAuliffe

A very interesting read, Kathleen sheds light on a new perspective with which to view the world around us. This book explores the fascinating scientific research around Parasitology and introduces the idea that parasites may be the secret puppeteers of behaviour that we didn't know existed. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON PARASITES appeals to all … Continue reading This is your brain on Parasites – Kathleen McAuliffe