Immune – Catherine Carver

Actually, extremely, average.

Would not recommend I’m afraid: it was a real struggle to finish.

I was gutted that this book turned out to be not-so-good because I’ve been searching for a book on the Immune system that is interesting, funny, informative and fairly general. I’m studying Immunology as part of my degree and wanted a lay-mans book to pique my interest and provide a framework with which to stick all the more complicated details to, but Immune disappointed.

The writing was try-hard and a little cringey at times, with Catherine’s metaphors and jokes being rather clumsy. Her intention was great and this shines through her every word, but the delivery failed to do justice to the amazing cacophony of events that constitutes our Immune system. I found some parts were far too complicated and contained unnecessary information (even to someone who has studied it) and others were overly simplified and lacked important details.

A really good attempt, but she’s slightly missed the mark.

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