Night School: Wake up to the power of sleep – Richard Wiseman

For those who love sleep already, you’re onto a winner. You’ll come away from this book with a plethora of facts to defend your sloth-like habits. If, however, you’re not partial to sleep and live by the mantra “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, then reading this book will help you realise that the phrase is more a prophecy than a sardonic saying.

The biggest lesson I’ve taken from this book is that napping is great. I’ve never been one to nap, and always struggle to actually drift off if I lie down in the middle of the day but I now have a thousand and one reasons to persevere with my siestas; and here are a handful of them:

  1. Because, sleep?
  2. You’ll wake up feeling more alert and refreshed
  3. They’re proven to increase memory and learning
  4. People who siesta are 37% less likely to get heart disease
  5. They reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Need I say more?

Shrug off the delusion that to nap is to be lazy, and embrace the newfound knowledge that napping is a tool that can be used for all sorts of daily dilemma’s.

The book covers sleep diseases, dreaming, sleep-learning, the body clock, pseudo science and the psychic powers of sleep. It will make you gasp with shock, laugh out loud, and tell all your nearest and dearest that they really ought to get more sleep.

So read the book, or at the very least, get more sleep.

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