This is your brain on Parasites – Kathleen McAuliffe

A very interesting read, Kathleen sheds light on a new perspective with which to view the world around us. This book explores the fascinating scientific research around Parasitology and introduces the idea that parasites may be the secret puppeteers of behaviour that we didn’t know existed.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON PARASITES appeals to all audiences as the writing is easy-going, entertaining and mostly non-scientific. I personally found it quite an easy read and hugely informative. It’s not a book that you can get lost in, however I found myself pondering over its ideas and theories quite regularly, and realised that I’d been telling anyone who would listen about it for the entire time I was reading it.

I told a few of my medic friends about the book, and was shocked to learn how little they knew about parasites even though they’re so prevalent in our society! I honestly believe everyone should know a little bit about parasitoloy, and this book is the perfect place to start.

Even if science isn’t your thing, this book explores the connection between parasites and many other interesting topics like politics, racism and sex. It’s actually quite fascinating to discover how these medical and social concepts link up, and how political trends, homophobia, being a cat person, the feeling of disgust and bad driving are all influenced by these often overlooked, tiny little creatures.

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