Let’s make ‘healthy’ mainstream with media

There are so so many social media presences out there who are spreading the word about nutrition, fitness, mental-welbeing and health; I think it’s absolutely great that there are people campaigning and inspiring all over the world, encouraging everyone else to start conscientiously being healthier.

I know there’s a very large part of the population that still disregard the responsibility they have over their health and tend to blame everyone else but themselves for their problems, so this shift into the mainstream may be exactly what’s needed.

It’s human nature to care more about other peoples opinions of you, rather than your own opinion of you. Social media is built on the human desire to look good in front of your peers and to be liked and accepted. So when it becomes a societal expectation to be healthy, adhering to that accepted standard is more motivation to a lot of people than just being healthy to help yourself. It’s sad but it’s pretty much true.

There are so many amazing role models out there who want to inspire a better version of you, and I think it’s just a case of finding the right people to surround yourself with on social media. Making a point of only following friends and role models that make you feel good about yourself will reinforce positive attitudes and behaviours, and inspire more confidence and motivation to reach your goals.

So be thankful that there are a rising number of healthy lifestyle, body-positive, holistically-minded people out there who want to spread the message; let’s make healthy main stream.

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