A delicious, Thai-inspired detoxifying soup

I’ve just finished licking the bowl and it was so delicious that I needed to share it here and write it down so I never forget how to make it again.

I was watching the documentary ‘Hungry for Change‘ the other day (it’s about the diet and nutrition industry – very informative and eye-opening but made me want to cry a little bit at how terrible it all is) and they mentioned that parsley and coriander were incredible detoxifying herbs, so of course I did my own research and found that, in fact, they are!


They both have a specific biochemical make-up which allows them to bind to and pick up toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in the body from pollution, pesticides and unfiltered water; they also neutralise free-radicals making them an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing super team! They are particularly good at cleansing your kidney and liver. There are some scientific studies measuring the effects of coriander and parsley on the immune system and it’s proven to have specific immune-related benefits as well!

One way to eat a lot of coriander and parsley is in a Tabouleh, but since winter is approaching I thought I’d attempt a warming soup instead. It was absolutely delicious and I already can’t wait to make it again, here’s the recipe (for one person):

As much coriander and parsley as you like, I included stalks;

fresh chilli (as spicy as you like it);

fresh ginger (as gingery as you like it);

3 fresh, crushed garlic cloves (when you chop garlic, leave it to sit for a while before you cook it to allow the allin to be converted to allicin which has loads of great health benefits);

2 shallots;

juice of half a lime;

100ml coconut milk;

Blend these all together to make the most beautiful, green smoothie, then add to boiling water with a vegetable stock cube and simmer on a low heat for about 15 minutes.

One of my friends read this post and tried the soup but added sweet potato and said it was delicious and great as a main meal rather than a starter!


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