Arbonne – a pure and animal friendly beauty brand

While working this summer I met Jodie who is a consultant for Arbonne, an all-natural, vegan, health orientated beauty brand, visit her page here. She not only inspired me to finally start this blog, but also to think more carefully about the health of my skin and hair, and to recognise that certain cosmetic products may be just as unhealthy for me as processed foods and cigarettes. There’s been a lot of coverage in the media lately about certain chemicals in mainstream, cheap cosmetic products that could be doing more harm than good and it’s highlighted how blindly we follow styles and trends even though they may not be good for us. 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstreams so a shift towards more natural skin and hair products is vital.


Carcinogens have been found in beauty products as well as unhealthy fillers which are added to extend shelf life and increase the volume of products (thus diluting concentration). Arbonne doesn’t add fillers so although it looks like you’re getting a smaller amount, it’s actually much more effective and lasts a lot longer because you need very little to do the same job in comparison.

The ethos of Arbonne is that all the products are pure, come from nature, are made in green labs and are animal-friendly.


How does Arbonne work?

The way Arbonne sells its products is by word of mouth, employing freelance consultants to sell on their behalf, using social media and by hosting Arbonne parties. This concept was born in order to cut costs by cutting out the middle man, Arbonne doesn’t have to pay for staff or advertising or to sell in shops so it can invest all its money in to providing top quality products. Its price is mid-range, slightly more expensive than high street products but not quite designer. I’m a student and I’ve just spent £170 on products because I believe in the products and the company. I understand the importance of natural skin care products and appreciate that you can’t cut corners when it comes to holistic health. A holistic, pure beauty regime is part of this. Plus, I am all for a vegan friendly, make-up brand having just converted to being vegan a week ago and loving it!

I’m a sceptic and a scientist so of course I did my research and approached the situation with a critical perspective but ultimately I was won over. Jodie’s positive and inspiring attitude is echoed throughout the company. The science is all there to back up their claims and after having a trial period with some Arbonne products, I wondered why I hadn’t gone looking for something like this sooner! It’s perfect for me really because I like wearing make-up and smelling pretty and being clean, but I also firmly believe that the closer something is to nature, the better it is for us.

The Facts

Oils have a similar composition to our cell walls and therefore penetrate the skin easier and the natural botanical extracts that are used in Arbonne products have a much higher compatibility with our physiology than synthetic, concentrated chemicals/emulsifiers/petroleum (aka vasoline). Petroleum is a by-product of oil mining and was found on the bottom of oil rigs in the 1800’s. It’s not eco-friendly and isn’t as good for you as you think; some impure vasolines even have carcinogens in them. Vasoline forms a barrier between your skin and the air, it doesn’t hydrate your skin, it prevents water from leaving your skin and suffocates your pores, giving the illusion of moisturised skin. Another chemical to watch out for are parabens. These weakly mimic the action of estrogen and therefore disrupt your hormonal balance and can even lead to breast cancer. Arbonne’s ingredient policy firmly states that all its products are made without harmful chemicals, synthetic dyes, fillers to extend shelf-life and animal products or by-products. Perfect, trustworthy.


Arbonne also have a nutrition range covering everything from immune boosters, healthy energy boosters, detoxes, diet supplements including vitamins, protein shakes and fibre; meal replacements and mood enhancers. These are all great additions to a healthy diet and lifestyle! Definitely worth a try. If you’re looking to do a detox or a cleanse, there’s a great range of yummy products to choose from, and such a simple programme to follow!

WARNING: addiction to shopping may develop due to wanting everything on their website. Proceed with caution/your credit card.

To have a browse, visit: Arbonne here.

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