Raspberry Sorbet – an easy squeezy recipe

This recipe is one I’ve seen a few times, often on little videos on Instagram (my Instagram is @sophiev_m) and you can do it with lots of different fruits; but as they were selling 3 raspberry punnets for £2 at the market today, I decided to use raspberry’s and make a healthy raspberry sorbet. It was absolutely delicious so I’m going to tell you how I made it plus why it’s good for you. I love these sorts of things because I often get sweet cravings which fruit on its own just doesn’t satisfy, so these healthier versions of puddings are a godsend!


  • freeze the raspberry’s;
  • once frozen, add to a blender with a generous squeeze of agave nectar / honey and..
  • pulse into a paste.
  • Serve with dark chocolate shavings or sprinkle cacao.

It’s that simple.

To jazz it up you could add a squeeze of lime in the blender, or freeze another fruit (like strawberry’s) and blend them together. I love knowing what’s in my food so that when I eat them I not only enjoy the taste, but feel really good in myself as well, so hopefully after I’ve told you all the amazing health benefits of this dessert, you won’t even want to buy shop bought sorbets anymore!

Raspberry fun facts: they contain more vitamin C (protects cells, maintains healthy connective tissue) than oranges along with lots of other vitamins; plus they are high in fibre (improves digestive health, 20% of raspberry’s are fibre) and folic acid (along with B12, it forms healthy red blood cells). Fun fact number 2: you can get gold raspberry’s! Moreover, raspberry’s have the highest concentration of antioxidants out of all the fruits and they contain a high concentration of ellagic acid which helps stop cancer by preventing carcinogens (cancer causing agents) binding to DNA.

Honey fun facts (only the good honey): honey contains lots of nutrients and antioxidants (which help eliminate free radicals in the body = anti-aging and anti-cancer) and isn’t high on the glycaemic index, meaning that its sugars are absorbed gradually into the blood stream and don’t cause insulin levels to rise then crash. It’s also very good for the skin and has proven anti-aging properties, hence all the honey skin care products!

Dark chocolate fun facts (I’m talking 70% + here, your 60% doesn’t really count): it helps restore flexibility in arteries (reduces risk of atherosclerosis and stroke); it’s packed with minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium and potassium; it helps regulate insulin levels and promotes feelings of satiety; the flavanols in dark chocolate help prevent sun damage, reduce memory loss and are anti-inflammatory; and lastly my favourite fact, dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is the chemical your body releases when you fall in love. So eat lots of dark chocolate, it’s chemically proven to reduce stress and make you feel good!

I have found that the biggest weapon I have against gaining weight is knowledge. When I know exactly what I’m eating, my perspective shifts from feeling deprived and restricted to feeling excited and satisfied. Where before I was following a set of dieting rules (no sugar, minimal calories, low fat, don’t eat this, don’t eat that etc.) I felt like I was following an impossible path that I could fall off at any time, whereas now I actually feel like doors have opened. I love knowing that what I’m eating will make me a happier, more energetic, more focused person. I now get to choose what I eat and feel good about the healthy option, rather than despairing that I couldn’t eat the high sugar/high fat option.


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